Photos: Abigail Lewis

Photos: Abigail Lewis

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andy scarano

Hometown: Athens, GA
Instagram: @aggroandy
Dogs: Margie
Sports: Road cycling and cyclocross

I'm a North Carolina native, but I call Georgia home. As a kid, I use to play every sport imaginable, but my father got me into bike racing at an early age, since he use to race himself in the late 80s through the early 90s. I started racing road bikes when I was 12 years old, immediately fell in love with it, and had big aspirations of turning the sport into a profession. Road racing was all I cared about until I stumbled upon cyclocross as cross training for the upcoming road season when I was 20. 

Now at 29, I still love and enjoy racing road and cyclocross full time at an elite and international level. I'm a full time student at SCAD Atlanta as an advertising major, and have found a new love for all things art. Best of all I'm a proud owner of a lively Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix named Margie, who can be spotted at most GACX races.