Barret Richardson

Hometown - Little Rock, AR
Website -
Insta - barret_claude
Dogs - Roscoe (the big dude), Agnes (the little weirdo), MJ (the loner)
Sports - Road Racing, Cyclocross
Rescue Organization - MAK GSP Rescue

I've always felt an instant connection with Pointers and other breeds of hunting dogs. The more researched into buying a GSP from a breeder, the more I discovered the need for "rejects" to be adopted. It broke my heart to see these awesome purpose bred dogs being treated like a malfunctioning hunting tool and abandoned when standards were not met. Now I'm up to dog #3, Roscoe the big ole' hunting dog who didn't make the cut, and he continually teaches me what it means to be confident. I like to think of him as my "sprinter spirit animal" when on the bike!