The rescue project pledge

When you take the Rescue Project pledge, you promise to live by these general principles:

  1. I pledge to honor animals' rights to well being. I will be a voice on their behalf and will advocate and intervene to protect animals from potential harm and suffering.
  2. I will provide compassionate care for and protect animals through sickness and health, from their young through their senior days, because I understand that pet ownership is a lifelong commitment to the animal. When faced with challenging circumstances I will take responsibility. I will not, under any circumstance, abandon an animal, at any age. 
  3. I will take action in order to increase awareness for animal rescue and adoption. If I cannot adopt, I will foster. If I cannot foster, I will volunteer my time. If I cannot volunteer, I will donate. I will always educate and advocate for the voiceless.


As part of the pledge, you have the option to donate to Rescue Project so that we, as a community, may help to offset costs of animal rescue. For example, Rescue Project uses these funds to help independent rescue groups cover vetting (spay and neuter, vaccinations, microchipping), transportation, natural disaster-related rescue efforts, temporary housing, and unforeseen veterinary expenses necessary to resolve urgent medical conditions uncovered during the rescue process. 

Donations also allow us to purchase larger amounts of inventory at a lower cost so we can donate a higher percentage of each sale to your animal rescue organization of choice. Depending on the item, we donate between 50-100% of the proceeds from each purchase to shelters and rescues and use the remainder to fund Rescue Project initiatives including urgent rescue and veterinary needs and special projects (see below). Your support helps us to donate even more. Thank you. 

When you donate, you will be able to see your contribution in action as we share rescue stories via our social media outlets, instagram and facebook. 

We appreciate donations of any amount via PayPal or credit card. Your donation to Rescue Project Inc. is tax deductible under IRC Section 170. Our Tax ID is 47-4512801. 

Donate with credit card

join team rescue project

Are you a runner, cyclist, or triathlete participating in a big event in 2018? If so, we are asking you to choose Rescue Project as your charity this season. If you already have an event you are training for, as an additional but meaningful challenge, we are looking for committed supporters willing to raise funds on behalf of Rescue Project.

How it works:

1) Sign up for any race or event in 2018.

2) Use our link to raise money to support Rescue Project and our efforts to save more animals' lives. 

3) Share the fundraising link with your friends, family, and social networks to start raising money. 

There are no minimum fundraising requirements, however, if you raise $150 we will send you a Rescue Project running singlet. If you raise $250 we will send you a Rescue Project cycling jersey. And, if you raise $500 we will send you a Rescue Project cycling kit (jersey and bib). In order to receive your Rescue Project apparel before your event, we need an 8 week lead time in order to guarantee in-time delivery. 

big projects and future initiatives 

CROSS DOGS and podium dogs

If you've been to a cyclocross event, you know it's the best type of event to bring your dog to. Well, we also think it is a prime opportunity to work with local shelters to bring out adoptable dogs to the events. Portland, OR started the trend with the Doggie Dog Cyclocross World Championship to benefit their local rescue. It's an awesome idea that we would like to help expand upon across the U.S. While we are at it, let's make adoptable podium dogs a regular feature at the cross races since we all agree it's a good idea, yeah? 

Senior rescue 

As animal advocates and rescuers, we pledge to provide care for animals from their young through their senior days. We pledge to take action in order to protect animals from potential harm and suffering. In order to significantly increase the number of lives we can directly affect through the Rescue Project organization, a long-term goal is to open a senior dog-specific foster home in the Southeast US. 

We would like to provide a foster home for senior dogs who have been abandoned in their later years of life, through no fault of their own. We all know that just because a dog is considered a "senior", it doesn't mean he or she doesn't have the energy to play and hike. It doesn't mean they don't want to be outside on the trails; rather, now they enjoy them at a slower pace. As outdoor people we understand this. Being outside in the woods and on trails is part of us and without it we would be incomplete. We believe this is the same for dogs. It is a tragedy to see the countless number of senior dogs and bonded pairs of seniors who are abandoned to shelters from where it may be difficult to place them. 

Our foster home would be a place for these senior dogs to thrive. A place where they can spend days basking in the sun and walking on the trail. Rolling around in fall leaves and feeling snowflakes on their noses. A place where they can spend evenings curled up on warm, supportive bedding, knowing that they are safe. 

This environment, we feel, will put these dogs at ease to better showcase their adoptable characteristics. Our end goal would be to find each and every senior dog in our foster care his or her permanent home with the perfect family who will give them the life they deserve. 

The ideal location for this foster home is in a rural area that already has a tight-knit community of dog lovers and active people of all ages. The area would be in close proximity to at least one larger city with access to larger animal shelters that are constantly being overrun with abandoned animals including strays and owner surrenders.