The rescue project pledge

When you take the Rescue Project pledge, you promise to live by these general principles:

  1. I pledge to honor animals' rights to well being. I will be a voice on their behalf and will advocate and intervene to protect animals from potential harm and suffering.
  2. I will provide compassionate care for and protect animals through sickness and health, from their young through their senior days, because I understand that pet ownership is a lifelong commitment to the animal. When faced with challenging circumstances I will take responsibility. I will not, under any circumstance, abandon an animal, at any age. 
  3. I will take action in order to increase awareness for animal rescue and adoption. If I cannot adopt, I will foster. If I cannot foster, I will volunteer my time. If I cannot volunteer, I will donate. I will always educate and advocate for the voiceless.

#ISTANDWITHTHEPACK #teamrescueproject


As part of the pledge, you have the option to donate to Rescue Project so that we, as a community, may help to offset costs of animal rescue. For example, Rescue Project uses these funds to help individuals and independent rescue groups cover shelter pull fees, vetting (spay and neuter, vaccinations, microchipping), transportation, temporary housing, and unforeseen veterinary expenses necessary to resolve urgent medical conditions uncovered during the rescue process. 

When you donate, you will be able to see your contribution in action as we share rescue stories via our social media outlets, instagram and facebook. 

Donations also allow us to purchase larger amounts of inventory at a lower cost so we can donate even more of each sale to your local animal rescue organization. We strive to donate at least 25% of each total purchase to local shelters and rescues. Your support helps us to donate even more. Thank you. 

We appreciate donations of any amount. Your donation to Rescue Project Inc. is tax deductible under IRC Section 170. Our Tax ID is 47-4512801. 

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