carly o'malley

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY


Instagram: carlyomalley

Dogs: Taco - he has his own IG account too:

Member of: ASPCA

Sports: Cycling, adventure cycling, touring, commuting, running

Rescue Organization: The Sato Project

"Taco is my best friend, and serves as a constant reminder for my life's passion - be an advocate for animals and rescue/rehabilitation/adoption programs. Marrying two of my favorite things (cycling and animals) has been one of my greatest pleasures. I love showing people that commuting/touring with your pup is possible, and how both of those things, cycling and rescuing animals - can greatly improve your life. In 2015 I rode the 5 Boro Bike Tour for Team ASPCA and helped raise over $20,000 for animals in need. I also just ran a half marathon in LA with Team ASPCA and personally raised over $1,000, this included sales from "Be Kind to Animals" enamel pins that I created"

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cody stadler

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Instagram: codystadler

Twitter: codystadler13

Dogs: Rembrandt and Davis

Sports: Triathlon, road cycling

Rescue Organization: Charlotte SPCA

"I use my racing as a platform as a way to lead by example of what it means to be living a healthy, balanced life while raising awareness for animals without a voice."


lauren hirata

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Instagram: laurenhirata

Twitter: lnhirata

Dogs: Lily Bean

Member of: IRaceLikeaGirl

Sports: Road cycling, triathlon

Rescue Organization: Foster Dogs Inc.

"I have volunteered with rescues and Foster Dogs Inc. for several years now, and being active in the rescue community means I get to socialize with friends, meet new people (and dogs), and give back to the organizations that helped me find my fur-child. It sounds really corny, but contributing to rescue fills my heart with joy, especially when I see a deserving, loving animal find an equally deserving and loving home. I was born into a dog-loving household. There has never not been a dog in the house, and I'm lucky enough to have found a special dog of my own. Because of her, I have become passionate about finding forever homes for other rescue dogs, and giving as many animals as possible the life and love they deserve."


adrienne o'day

Hometown: Ypsilanti, MI

Instagram: odayyodagirl

Twitter: ajodayjohnson

Dogs: We lost our dog Samson in May 2015. Dogs are part of the family, part of our own "pack" in a sense and deserve to be active participants in that life. I'm hoping to adopt another dog (or two) in the near future.

Sports: Cycling, cyclocross, triathlon

Rescue Organization: Humane Society of Huron Valley

"I love dogs, I had plans to become a vet until a severe cat allergy was found as a child. ha ha. I chose a career in helping people, and I always wish I could do more to help animals that need homes. I always encourage people to adopt pets - I feel quite strongly about adoption vs. any other method of obtaining a pet."

tracey schrader

Hometown: McKinney, TX

Instagram: pointer_girl

Dogs: Abby and Oliver

Sports: Road cycling, rallies, hiking

Rescue Organization: Texas Sporting Breed Rescue 

"My true passion is dogs. They have such love and life to them that is an always happy and constant thing. The group I volunteer with focuses in rescue for Sporting breeds,  some of the most energetic and out-going dogs around. It is sad how many of them are surrendered because people 'Don't have time to exercise or play with them' or they 'just can't handle them anymore' or they are 'too unruly' (I can list a hundred more excuses). I like being a voice for them and helping pair active people with active dogs."

namrita kumar

Hometown: Atlanta, GA


Instagram: namrita_k

Dogs: Miles 

Sports: Mountain biking, running, cycling

Rescue Organization: Rotating "Rescue of the Month"

"I may have experienced every emotion I think I am capable of from the greatest love to the deepest loss - all because of dogs and animal rescue. In some ways, endurance sport is similar with it's own ups and downs. While I don't compete as much anymore, the need for running, cycling, and being in the outdoors is still there every single day. I definitely have that in common with my dogs. We, Rescue Project and The Pack, are here to make a difference for as many animals as we can in this world. And, as I read all the profile descriptions on this page, I can't help but be proud of what we are doing."

rachelle hynes

Hometown: Squamish, BC


Instagram: rachelleh85

Dogs: Kula

Member of: Rescue Project (our designer, too!)

Sports: Cycling, mountain biking, snowboarding, waterskiing, skiing..I will try anything once, twice if I like it!

Rescue Organization: BCSPCA

“The dogs in my life have taught me what I believe to be some of life’s most important lessons—love, patience, compassion, adventure, companionship, loyalty, trust and loss.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a vet, but took a different career path towards Graphic Design. Now I design the cycling apparel for Rescue Project as my way of giving back to these amazing creatures…

My dog Kula makes me laugh pretty much every minute of the day. She is my riding buddy, best friend and was the inspiration for RP's “Foxhound Cycling Kit”. Together we are passionately in pursuit of new adventures and creating stunning riding kits for you all! :P”

andrew ratzke

Hometown: Portland, OR

Instagram: andrewratzke

Twitter: andrewratzke

Dogs: Pearl

Member of: Mettle Cycling, Cadence Collection 

Sports: Cycling, rando/adventure cycling, gravel, dirt

Rescue Organization: Pixie Project and Northwest Dog Project

"Cycling and animal rescue are two things I care about most and they both go hand in hand. Both give you back as much as you put into them. The harder you work, the more rewarding it is. Pearl is a great example of that. We adopted her 5 years ago from the Seattle Humane Society after she had been saved from being a bait dog. She has made a ton of progress behaviorally and socially and we think the world of her. Our rescue dog has not been the easiest, but we wouldn't trade her for anything."


tony sabo

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Instagram: sabotony

Dogs: Timber and Gryff

Sports: Road cycling, triathlon

Rescue Organization: EOL Multi-breed Rescue

"I am a huge supporter of adopting and fostering animals in need. I take pride in my beliefs and encourage others to fight for what they believe in. Through cycling and the Rescue Project community, I'm to able share the joys that pet adoption can bring while supporting PAWS Chicago."


Hometown: Dracut, MA

Instagram: Samuraiseth

Twitter: Ustaitis

Dogs: Ruger and Beatrix

Sports: Road cycling, mountain biking, cyclocross

Rescue Organization: Pittie Love Rescue

"My life is family (the four legged ones included) and bicycles. That is really it...simple but that is what I want. Adopting our first dogs as a couple is the reason my wife and I moved in together 17 years ago. We couldn't have dogs in our apartments, so we found a place together that would allow them. When our dogs were young we took them mountain biking at least once a week. We have fostered more dogs over the years and we took them riding too. Being in the woods on a bike is better with a dog! Bikes bring people together and animals bring people together. My goal is to bring more cycling/animal advocates to Rescue Project in New England and, most importantly, to get some dogs out of shelters and take them to the races...they may just find a forever family." 

monica rosa

Hometown: Miami, FL


Instagram: addingmomiles

Twitter: addingmomiles

Dogs: Baxter Einstein Rosa

Sports: Cycling, triathlon, running

Rescue Organization: Paws 4 You Rescue and Miami Dade Animal Services

"I didn't expect to rescue a dog, my apartment at the time didn't allow it. Miami Dade Animal Services was having an event at my job, walk a puppy during lunch. I didn't want to go because it always breaks my heart to see rescue dogs in their cages but my co-worker convinced me. About 5 minutes of being out at the event, I met him. He came up to me and I knew at that moment I could't let him go back. My life has not being the same since. Baxter Einstein has filled it with so much joy, energy and love. He has an amazing heart and has become my partner in crime. He's a small terrier mix with short legs, long torso, wired hair and full energy. I've never met a dog happier than him. Now, I want to bring rescue awareness to South Florida cycling."

Tyler Dishmon.jpg

tyler dishmon

Hometown: North Wilkesboro, NC

Instagram: Tylerdishmon

Twitter: TyLeR_DiShMoN

Dogs: Bentley the Yorkie (technically my nephew dog)

Member of: Monster Media Racing

Sports: Cycling, gravel grinding, mountain biking

Rescue Organization: Humane Society of Wilkes

"I have been all over the back roads in Wilkes County on my bike and I have seen how poorly people treat animals. This led me to donate to the local Humane Society and buying their t-shirts and sweatshirts to help promote the organization. With a Rescue Project kit, I can share the awesomeness about RP and the Humane Society of Wilkes."


zach owens

Hometown: Houston, TX

Instagram: zachowens1049

Twitter: zachAttackowens

Member of: Rev 3 Triathlon Team
Team Zoot Triathlon Team

Dogs: Ellie

Rescue Organization: Citizens for Animal Protection

"Cycling puts me at peace with the world. Through cycling, I've met amazing people, heard some amazing stories, and been some pretty spectacular places. That's why animal rescue has become a passion of mine. You see the hurt in people and in animals. I know first hand how important it is for both to see the beauty of this world. An organization I once worked with had this quote painted on their wall, 'The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different.' This really spoke to me and Ellie and I want to work to help everyone have a peaceful and happy soul."


gabby gomez

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Instagram: gab_ay

Dogs: Jack Owen

Member of: Team Party Pants and Britton's Bike Shop

Sports: Road cycling

Rescue Organization: Helotes Humane Society

"Every animal need an advocate and I'm willing to be one for the ones looking for forever homes."

matt sutter

Hometown: Hillsboro, OR

Instagram: brandnewvice

Dogs: Kuma

Sports: Road cycling

Rescue Organization: Oregon Humane Society

"Dogs bring such joy and happiness to the world, and the world can sure use more of that. I want to do my part to bring some of that back to them."

andrew lerner

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Instagram: the_orignal_sunshine


Dogs: Copper

Member of: Inside Out Sports Charlotte

Sports: Cycling, triathlon

Rescue Organization: Golden Huggs

"At work, I try to create programs that integrate cycling and charities that help our furry friends. Helping to raise awareness for animal rescue and well being, being physically active, and involved in the community are important aspects of my life. I was very involved in these passions while living in Vermont and I want to work with RP to bring that same ideology to Charlotte. My rescue dogs have enriched my life and I wish that everyone could experience the bond with a dog; the world would be a better place."


holly popenuk

Hometown: Portland, OR

Instagram: hpopenuk

Dogs: Giggs

Sports: Cyclocross, road cycling

Rescue Organization: Pixie Project 

"Giggs is my buddy, my little best friend and because of her I'll never own another breed again besides a pitbull. I love their demeanor, love that they are always fighting the stereotype and just ultimately love their personalities. Being in the industry that I work in, I get to work along side with other shelters often. I get to see pets in their worst state and their best state. I love seeing victory stories and so to me, that's something I want to continue to be a part of."