FullSizeRender (22).jpg

jessica Provost- Prairie Village, kansas

IG: @jess_Provost

Rescue organization: Midwest Vizsla Rescue, serving MO, KS, AR, OK, TX, KY, LA

Before I had kids, I worked as a program manager in non-profit animal sheltering. Over the years, I was proud to work as the Adoption and Foster Coordinator for the La Plata County Humane Society (Durango, CO) including disaster relief foster/rescue during the Missionary Ridge Fire, and as the Adoption Manager at Animal Haven in KC (now re-named Great Plains SPCA). I fostered for awhile after leaving work to be a stay-at-home mom, but let that connection fade over time, thinking I was too busy, or our own senior dogs weren’t a good match, etc. 

But last year, I felt the pull to do something good in my community, saw a request for help, and started fostering for Midwest Vizsla Rescue. And you know what? Forget that “too busy” or “bad match” excuse! It seems we are bombarded with so many messages that we are not good enough, but when it comes to fostering, whatever we are... that’s good enough. I love that about fostering! And last month, we had our first “foster fail” - Fern the Vizsla is ours now (I am so smitten). We also have Irwin the 15-year-old border collie/heeler mix and Turbo the border collie pup. And 3 spoiled rescue cats for Turbo to herd ;)
FullSizeRender (1).jpg

ashley hart- cornelius, nc

IG: @ashleyhtri

Rescue organization: North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue Charlotte, NC

I became involved in animal rescue when a frail, sickly one pound kitten was left on my doorstep on a cold December night a few years ago. Unsure of what to do, I called my local Humane Society and was told I could drop him off, but if the kitten wasn’t adopted in 3 days, he’d likely be put down. Being uneducated about rescue at the time, I was stunned. I ended up keeping this sweet kitten, nursing him back to health and watching him begin to flourish with confidence. Now known as “Rinny”, he remains my shadow to this day and just celebrated his 4th birthday.

I want to help other animals that didn’t have the same fortune of ‘choosing the right door.’ I have since started volunteering with Catering to Cats and Dogs, Lucky Cats of Lake Norman, Tucson Ruff Runners @ Pima County Animal Shelter, and North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue. I have helped organize and participate in dog running programs and enjoy getting these animals outdoors and socialized to assist in their adoption efforts. I have learned so much about animal rescue - and about myself - throughout my volunteer time.
FullSizeRender (2).jpg

drew ceccato- san diego, ca

IG: @chet_steadman1

Rescue organization: Baja Animal Sanctuary, Rosarito MEX and San Diego Humane Society, San Diego CA

I’ve been an animal lover and rescuer my entire life. My pack currently consists of 2 amazing shepherd/lab/etc. mix mutts who were adopted on opposite sides of the country but look like they could be brother and sister. My oldest is Finn adopted from Baja Animal Rescue and the younger pup is Remmy and is a straight up trail dog! She was adopted from the Huron Valley Humane Society. Currently, we are thinking of adopting an older dog since they often have a harder time with placement. Our wedding is in July and we’ve made it BYOD (bring your own dog). We have little collar bow-ties and mini veils for our four legged guests!

I volunteer extensively in the cycling community, at pet adoption events in the area, and lobby extensively for the humane treatment of animals. I wish more people would consider a rescue before opting to bring home a mill dog/cat. It breaks my heart to go to the animal shelter and see so many incredible pets in cages. They all deserve a great home.
FullSizeRender (3).jpg

rachel achor- little rock, ar

IG: @rachel_achor

Rescue organization: care - central arkansas rescue for animals

I’ve been a passionate animal lover since I was a child. I remember being 4 years old and going to pick out our family dog, Fred from the local humane society. He was adorable, wild, and the most loyal and loving companion our family could’ve ever asked for. Ever since then, I’ve been a fierce advocate for animal rescue.

I have volunteered with local organizations since I was young, primarily as a foster and events volunteer. Our little family currently consists of 2 rescue pups- Olive, an incredible, funny, playful hound dog mix from C.A.R.E.; and Isaiah, a big-hearted, mild-mannered, squirrel-chasing shepherd mix from the Paws in Prison program, an organization that matches rescue dogs with prisoners in Arkansas to be trained and loved until they find their forever homes. My life has largely been shaped by the rescue dogs that I’ve been lucky enough to make part of my family, as well as those who I’ve helped find families of their own.
FullSizeRender (4).jpg

jaime morgan- east coventry, pa

IG: @jaimemorgue AND @misfit.manor

Rescue organization: Misfit Manor, PA

I’ve been involved in animal rescue for over 12 years. I started as a foster parent for local rescues and was an intern at PSPCA for two years where I assisted with behavioral evaluations for dogs and cats entering the shelter system. I recently purchased a 3 acre ranch outside of Philadelphia (where I had lived for over 10 years) with the sole purpose of being able to help more animals.

I established a 501c3 known as Misfit Manor. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome at-risk animals. Animals that are very special needs and considered “unadoptable” live out their lives at my ranch. In addition, my rescue also assists pet owners who are facing hardship such as homelessness, major illness or drug rehabilitation. We provide pet food, veterinary care and occasionally foster care until the families are able to get back on their feet. We also established a pet food pantry in Philadelphia specifically for pet owners facing homelessness. Animals have played a major role in my life since childhood and animal rescue is just something that feels natural to me.
FullSizeRender (5).jpg

sam crawford- athens, ga

IG: @sam_m_crawford

Rescue organization:Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter Gainesville, GA

Growing up wanting to be a veterinarian, I somehow persuaded my family into letting me rescue and rehabilitate many different animals. I have helped in the rehab of many deer, squirrels, and turtles who have since been let back out into the wild. One of my favorite rescue stories is of my horse, Chica, a 20 year old quarter horse mare. She was the first horse I trained by myself and was the beginning of my love for large animal medicine.

During my time as an undergrad, I volunteered at a local shelter in Tifton, GA walking dogs. Once I was accepted into veterinary school, my volunteer hours declined but I’ve been able to spay and neuter at the Northeast GA Animal Shelter.
FullSizeRender (6).jpg

lauren hirata - Brooklyn, ny

IG: @laurenhirata

Rescue organization:Foster Dogs Inc.

I was born into a dog-loving household. There has never not been a dog in the house, and I was lucky enough to have found a special dog of my own. Because of her, I have become passionate about finding forever homes for other rescue dogs, and giving as many animals as possible the life and love they deserve. As Lily Bean grew older and her health worsened, I am so grateful for the support and love my foster / rescue community has provided. In turn, I want to continue helping dogs find their forever humans, supporting those who have rescue pets, and spreading the message about animal adoption.

I’m on the steering committee of an organization called Foster Dogs, Inc. I help dogs in need find foster and forever homes through our website, events, and social media.
FullSizeRender (7).jpg

ryan khavari - los angeles, ca

IG: @rye2k

Rescue organization: A PURPOSEFUL RESCUE

There are two things that I devote my spare time to: cycling and advocating for the wellness and rescue of dogs. 

Stella was a 1 year old street puppy from Stockton CA. Rescued with a group of six other dogs, she sealed her fate in lore as part of the “Stockton 7”. She found her forever-home with us 8 years ago, where I gave all my attention to training and exercise with positive reinforcement and patience. She changed my life. I became a dog walker/trainer, briefly ran an organic dog biscuit company, and now, Stella is a beautiful senior dog, (sleeping right now at my feet as I write this!)

When I was in SF I was an advocate for Family Dog Rescue, and a lead member of my neighborhood organization Dolores Park Dogs.
FullSizeRender (8).jpg

tracey schrader - mckinney, tx

IG: @pointer_girl

Rescue organization:Texas GSP Rescue

Oliver is our first rescue & I cannot imagine life without him. He has a brightness, spirit, happiness and love that is infectiously contagious! He’s always happy and ready to go for anything. Adopting him led me to begin volunteering for a rescue, then in May I became the DFW Area Coordinator for Texas GSP Rescue. I love it and cherish the dogs and people I meet along the way. I now get to see, help and heal these dogs..and help pair them with their most perfect families.

alec burks - seattle, wa

IG: @caplja15

Rescue organization: NorthWest DOG PROJECT and bully project (NY)

We have two little female pitbull terriers and my girlfriend and I have even joked about starting our own pitbull rescue. I take a lot of pride in being the owner of pits; to be able to show people who have never been around the breed that they are amazing dogs and deserve a fair chance.

amy christian - chattanooga, tn

IG: @dogsandbikesrule

Rescue organization: st elmo dog rescue and Humane Educational Society, Chattanooga, TN

Animals can’t speak so we have to be their voice! I grew up on a “farm” in a residential neighborhood and have always had rescued pets. I currently live with three rescue dogs and a rescue cat. I volunteer by helping with pet care and food for pet owners who are in need. In 2015 I was given the Community Award by the McKamey Animal Center for diligence in making sure animals I came across while riding my bike were not being abused. I have a strict rule that if anyone rides with me, there is always the possibility of a dog rescue and that it could change the ride.

tiffany williams - studio city, ca

IG: @pawsandpinot

Rescue organization:beagle freedom project

I currently volunteer for an animal advocacy and rescue group called Beagle Freedom Project. They rescue Beagles (and other animals) from animal testing labs.

Animals are my life! There is no greater reward than to be a part of something that is about bettering yourself physically while campaigning for the animals.
dogs 1.jpg

eric bartels - ann arbor, mi

IG: @crutch_a_bout

I have always found great companionship with animals that I have grown up with or fostered over the years - they are part of my family - and I am always advocating for adoption first. There are a lot of animals out there that need a home but considering our apartment is small I will have to stick to spoiling Tom and Kiki, while doing whatever I can for all the rest. Kiki came into our lives as an abandoned pup in the snow of Colorado and Tom as a “rough and tumble” street dog of Texas (who turned out to be a cuddle bug).

Since recently moving to Michigan from Colorado I am finding new ways to be effective in spreading awareness, so joining Rescue Project was a perfect way to do that while I spend so many training hours on my bike. You will see me out in the community around Ann Arbor, at the track, and weekend races with the dogs.

jean-brice duhamel - tampa, fl

IG: @jeanbriceduhamel

Rescue organization:Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Since I was young my father, a veterinarian sciences professor, always taught me about animals, their place in the world and the respect that they deserve. I had all sorts of animals coming and going in my life as a result of this as fosters for and rescuers of cats and kittens, rodents (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters), fish and reptiles but more recently I found myself love struck when I met my girlfriend and her puppy, Norman. He has become one of the most important beings in my life, having shown me just how much an animal can be and how much all animals matter.

I am currently a student at the university of south Florida and am pursuing a career in dentistry, my girlfriend and I spend as much off time as we can to attend dog related events and checking rescues for donation items or ways we can help our local animal rescue communities.

chris villasenor - charlotte, nc

IG: @signal_orange and @goose_the_vizsla

Rescue organization:North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue Charlotte, NC

Since moving to Charlotte and making more friends in both cycling and non-cycling communities, the presence of adopted dogs and the happy relationships they bring came so apparent. My fiance and I have three dogs: Goose the viszla, Copper a 105lb mutt, and Duncan the staffy/pit mix. My kids are grown so our three pups are our kids and do everything with us. We are vocal proponents of adoption in our social circles and want to do more.
FullSizeRender (12).jpg

seth ustaitis - dracut, ma

IG: @Samuraiseth

Rescue organization: Pittie Love Rescue

My life is family (the four legged ones included) and bicycles. That is really it...simple but that is what I want. Adopting our first dogs as a couple is the reason my wife and I moved in together 17 years ago. We couldn’t have dogs in our apartments, so we found a place together that would allow them. When our dogs were young we took them mountain biking at least once a week. We have fostered more dogs over the years and we took them riding too. Being in the woods on a bike is better with a dog! Bikes bring people together and animals bring people together. My goal is to bring more cycling/animal advocates to Rescue Project in New England and, most importantly, to get some dogs out of shelters and take them to the races...they may just find a forever family.
FullSizeRender (13).jpg

luke o'shea - sydney, australia

IG: @theother12hours

Rescue organization: PetRescue Australia

Luigi came into my life just over two years ago. He was only 8 weeks old and we didn’t even plan on adopting on the day. He was the smallest of the litter, but had this mischievous bounce. He eventually settled in my lap and went to sleep, that was that. Two years later and he has only had a positive impact in my life, teaching how to have unconditional love, start each day as a new day and just be happy and content. I love him and will be looking for a rescue sister for him very soon.
FullSizeRender (33).jpg

shawn bard - evergreen, co

IG: @sbardacus

Rescue organization:lifeline puppy rescue serving the rocky mountain region

When we were ready to bring a dog into our family, the obvious decision was to adopt. We didn’t go to the shelter with any expectations but as we looked around.. we saw him! He was a little underweight, extremely shy and had the worst puppy cold but we knew he was the right dog for us. He even gave one of the other shy dogs in the kennel a hug to comfort him. We named him Tilly after Tilikum, the orca whale from Seaworld that inspired the movement to prevent the capture of large aquatic mammals.

In Colorado, we get so many dogs from neighboring states that euthanize their dogs if they stay in the shelters too long. I volunteer at our local shelter but I also want to inspire people to rescue a pet. An active Colorado lifestyle provides the perfect home for a shelter pet.
FullSizeRender (34).jpg

juliann worden - erie, pa

IG: @juliann427

My family has always been an advocate of animal rescue so now, as an adult, I can only imagine rescuing, and currently have three Weimaraners.

Six years ago, I was looking for a dog that I could take running with me. I had done research and found that Weimaraners made excellent running partners. One evening in May 2012, I was browsing the Animal Rescue League of Pittsburgh’s website and saw they had a six year old Weimaraner named Hurley. He had been given up by his family because they no longer had time for him. Hurley growled at me when we first approached his cage, but I reached in to let him sniff my hand. He leaned forward and then lifted his paw like he wanted to shake! I knew then we had to take him home. We took him for a walk around the block and he certainly had the spunk to run! He pulled me down the sidewalk as I tried to keep up with him. He quickly became my best buddy and I logged hundreds of miles with him. He was much faster than me which encouraged me to run faster and I improved as a runner. I wanted to be a faster runner because of him, knowing he could do so much more. When he was about eight, I noticed he was starting to slow down and no longer could run consistently for the 4-6 miles we would do every other day.
Hurley is now 12 and although his running days are over, he is my best buddy and I can’t imagine our lives without him. He is my protector and guards the house. He sits in the kitchen where he can keep an eye on the door. His favorite place to lay in the winter is in front of our fireplace. He still loves to run around outside in the woods and play. I still question why his previous family dropped him at a shelter; he truly is the smartest, most loyal dog I have ever had.

We have since adopted two other Weimaraners, and Hank has taken Hurley’s place as my running buddy. He gets excited when he sees me putting my running shoes on and is as sweet as can be. Winston is our most recently adopted Weimaraner. We weren’t looking to add a third dog to our family but one day, I came across his posting on a local shelter’s website. He is ten years old and was dropped at the shelter because “his family was tired of him”. Winston seemed to be a perfect fit for our family, but it did take a few months for Winston to really warm up to us. He didn’t seem to understand what a treat was, and had no interest in playing or cuddling at first.

The bonds we have with our rescued dogs are impossible to describe. There are always so many dogs of all ages that are surrendered and need homes. It breaks my heart that I cannot adopt every single one of them. I love my old senior pups Hurley and Winston and hope we can make their last years their best years. They bring so much joy to our lives and I think they know and appreciate that they were rescued.
FullSizeRender (35).jpg

jason Schiltz - chester springs, pa

IG: @youwantsomepepper

Rescue organization: all4paws rescue chester springs, pa

Every pet I had growing up came from some sort of rescue situation. My mom could never stand by while an animal was in a bad situation so we ended up with a mixed bag of animals of different breeds and ages. One of my first dogs named Bear, she intercepted on the way to him being sold to a lab. She paid whatever the lab was going to buy him for and brought him home.

When I was older, I got a job at a local boarding kennel and to this day it was probably my favorite job. Now, we have four rescues. Our four “kids” have really become their own little pack with a funny dynamic and I can’t imagine not having them around.
FullSizeRender (14).jpg

dylan baas - ridgeland, ms

IG: @dbaas91

Rescue organization: Oktibbeha County Humane Society, Starkville, MS

When I was a student living alone, one of my friends suggested a trip to the local animal shelter. I was not expecting to fall in love that day, but when I saw that shaggy brown dog sitting alone in the kennel, it was love at first sight. We took her out to play and the workers told us she came in with her brother, who was adopted the day before. She wasn’t the cutest dog in the shelter, according to others. I adopted her on my birthday five years ago and she has been my constant companion ever since. She is the perfect trail dog and loves racing me on the mountain bike trails. She has made my life so much happier, and I believe I have done the same for her. I am a HUGE advocate for adopting rather than buying dogs from a breeder.
FullSizeRender (15).jpg

cody stadler - charlotte, nc

IG: @codystadler

Rescue organization: Charlotte SPCA

We rescued our first dog (Rembrandt) in the fall of 2014 and saved him from being euthanized by an hour. It was an incredibly emotional experience that solidified our belief in rescuing animals. Since then we have rescued two other loving dogs and have worked with the Charlotte SPCA to help place other dogs. Team Rescue Project has been a great starting point for conversation with other like-minded individuals. Raising visibility and having a voice for those who cannot has been and will continue to be a huge part of my life.
FullSizeRender (16).jpg

adrienne o'day - ypsilanti, mi

IG: @odayyodagirl

Rescue organization: Humane Society of Huron Valley ann arbor, mi

I love dogs, I had plans to become a vet until a severe cat allergy was found as a child. ha ha. I chose a career in helping people, and I always wish I could do more to help animals that need homes. I always encourage people to adopt pets - I feel quite strongly about adoption vs. any other method of obtaining a pet.
FullSizeRender (17).jpg

garrett george - seattle, wa

IG: @garrett.george1

Rescue organization: People United for Pets Issaquah, WA

Growing up our family dogs were rescues. My parents instilled the importance of adopting animals that previously had not been taken care of, and giving them the love and affection they deserve. My wife and I searched for the right dog to adopt and came home with Redford, our beloved Portuguese Podengo Pequeno who has brought so much join to our hearts and souls.
download (1).jpg

barret richardson - little rock, ar

IG: @barret_claude

Rescue organization: mak gsp rescue (mo, ar, ks)

I’ve always felt an instant connection with Pointers and other breeds of hunting dogs. The more researched into buying a GSP from a breeder, the more I discovered the need for “rejects” to be adopted. It broke my heart to see these awesome purpose bred dogs being treated like a malfunctioning hunting tool and abandoned when standards were not met. Now I’m up to dog #3, Roscoe the big ole’ hunting dog who didn’t make the cut, and he continually teaches me what it means to be confident. I like to think of him as my “sprinter spirit animal” when on the bike!
FullSizeRender (18).jpg

william watts - little rock, ar

IG: @iamwilliamwatts

Rescue organization: humane society of pulaski county little rock, ar

I started riding seriously and rescued my dogs around the same time in summer 2011. Both were significant in my life to help me grow, live a healthier lifestyle and find a community. My dogs have helped me to be responsible and to care more about others in need.
FullSizeRender (28).jpg

ashley reade - seattle, wa

IG: @ashleysalmeronreade

Rescue organization: washington gsp rescue

I 100% believe that all pups deserve a second chance. Rescue Project led us to Southeast GSP Rescue and immediately we felt a draw to both organizations. I mean, bikes and pups? Our two favorite things! We first got involved with rescue by supporting as donors and as a foster home. After our recent move to the Pacific Northwest, we are looking to get involved with rescue organizations by helping with transports, fostering, and donations of food/time. We will always support the efforts of local rescues.
FullSizeRender (36).jpg

jake dodge - manchester, nh

IG: @JakeDodgeNH

Rescue organization: vizsla club of central new england

I’ve always been an animal person. A few years ago my wife and I started our family with a Vizsla and shortly after rescued Monte, our GSP/chocolate lab mix, from Puerto Rico. Ever since then I’ve been finding new ways to promote animal rescue throughout New England and the nation. This year I was race director for the first New England Dog Jog, which benefited the Vizsla Club of Central New England Rescue (for which I’m on the board of directors), the Animal Rescue League of NH, the Sato Project and Rescue Project. Currently, we’re planning our 2018 event and plan on adding onto both the racer experience, dog experience and plan on spreading the Dog Jog and animal rescue awareness into new markets. I also offer my graphic design skills and background to local animal rescue groups, volunteer with numerous rescues throughout the area and just am a lover of dogs!
FullSizeRender (29).jpg

brett kruger - indianapolis, in


Rescue organization: humane society of indianapolis

I began volunteering at IndyHumane in 2010 with the adoptable dogs. After a while, I joined the volunteers who take on a bit more and began to work with the “behavior” dogs who needed training (we are positive reinforcement only). In 2013, I took a part-time job at IndyHumane. I began fostering cats and dogs as well as continuing to volunteer. Within a year, I was full-time and the lead animal care technician. I then joined our newly formed feline behavior team and am now team lead for a small staff who work with our stressed, shy/fearful, and under-socialized cats. I currently have one rescue “behavior” cat, one rescue schnaupherd (GSD/Schnauzer mix), and a brother-sister bonded pair of cats. We also have two foster cats currently.
FullSizeRender (19).jpg

gabby gomez - san antonio, tx

IG: @Gab_ay

Rescue organization: Katie's Roadside Rescue, San Antonio Tx

As a child I loved every animal I met. Whenever I’d see a lost dog I’d bring them home and feed and water them until they were picked up. I love being a part of an organization full of people who help sweet babies who have no one else.
FullSizeRender (20).jpg

bill brazier - north kingstown, ri

IG: @ainakai

Rescue organization: Leonberger Rescue Pals

My wife and I have a deep love for animals. We became especially attached to a dog breed called Leonberger (Leo for short). My wife is now a representative for Leo Rescue Pals, a nation-wide organization. We have also adopted a total of 5 cats throughout the years.
FullSizeRender (21).jpg

melanie oviedo - dallas, tx

IG: @Mydoodlesluv2run

Rescue organization: Cane Rosso Rescue, Dallas TX

My doodles are my kids. Everyone knows my love for my animals and running.
FullSizeRender (23).jpg

andrew scott - indianapolis, in

IG: @andrewinindy

Rescue organization: every dog counts indianapolis, in

I believe we have a responsibility to give animals the best lives we can, which includes loving homes. My girlfriend was fostering a hospice dog named Levi. Levi had a rough life and was abandoned after he became a senior dog. We took care of Levi as if he was our own and we were there when it was time for Levi to cross the Rainbow Bridge. While we didn’t know Levi for very long, he quickly found his way into our hearts. We currently have six dogs that are a mix of rescues and fosters, and want to give them the good lives they deserve.

Misael Briones  - el paso, tx

IG:@mesac09 and @daisyandrogue

Rescue organization: From the heart el paso, tx

A few years ago, there was an adoption event at Pet Smart with a local organization (From the Heart). They had a blue nose pit-bull who had been homed in a small apartment and was abandoned because she was too hyper. I took her for a walk and it was love at first sight. I knew she had a lot of energy and I love trail running. We adopted Daisy that day.

A few months later, we found out there was another pittie for adoption through From the Heart. He had been abused and was so stressed and nervous. They told me he might not be good with other dogs but we took our time to separate both and socialize them. They have grown so close that they are always cuddling and together.

I like to encourage people to rescue dogs; and, to rescue dogs based on their personality and not their breed.
FullSizeRender (25).jpg

holly popenuk  - portland, or


Rescue organization: the pixie project

I’ve had Giggs, my 8 yr old pitbull since she was 6 weeks old. I’ve only had one dog my adulthood and she’s it. I’ve fostered a dog once through “lovers not fighters” a pitbull rescue in Portland as well, until he got adopted. Giggs is my buddy, my little best friend and because of her I’ll never own another breed again besides a pitbull. I love their demeanor, love that they are always fighting the stereotype and just ultimately love their personalities.

In the industry that I work in, I get to work along side with other shelters often. I get to see animals in their worst state and their best state. I love seeing victory stories and so to me, that’s something I want to continue to be a part of.

silvia Schweininger - adelaide, australia


Rescue organization: GSP Rescue victoria

Compared to some, I feel I do very little, but then again, every little bit counts! I definitely consider myself an animal person and have been around them from a very young age. I rescued my dog Zara a bit over 6 years ago, and seeing the joy for life in her when she’s running along the beach or on the trails just makes me happy! I volunteer at the local RSPCA and hope to be able to foster senior dogs as well.

adrienna frazer  - akron, oh


Rescue organization: one of a kind pets akron, oh

I volunteer with a group called RunningDog where we work with various rescue groups and shelters to make their dogs more adoptable by running with them on a regular basis. Everyone knows that exercise is good for the dogs, but it also eases their anxiety, helps them “show” better, assists the groups in learning more about their dogs, etc. We take out the dogs around the shelters, and we also take then on field trips to parks and events.

I currently have three cats — one adopted from a rescue organization and two adoptable community cats — and one dog that I adopted from a rescue organization. I’m hoping to foster dogs once the feline-canine relationship is a little smoother. In the meantime, I happily run adoptable dogs.